How to Check an Email Attachment

If you receive an email like the one below that has an unknown PDF attachment.

The first thing I do whenever I receive an email is check the email address it is from. I do not care about the “friendly” name of “Sean Kincaid (Chase Power)” because the friendly name can be faked and bear no resemblance to the email address of
If you wish to check this email attachment for validity, we need to extract it from the email and have it on your computer first.
Firstly, we need to right-click on the attachment and select “Save As”.

We will save it in the Downloads section of your login.

Bear in mind that if the file is infected with a virus, then you local Anti-Virus software may pick it up and not allow you to save it. This is the end if you cannot save it, just delete the email.
Open the Netech Link Checker at Virus Check (

In the Dr.Web section we need to search for the file we saved earlier. Click on the green “Review” button to search.

Click on the file and select Open. The file will be inserted. Then click on the green Scan button to check the file.
The result will be shown something like.

** Notice *** The Link Checker can never be 100% perfect. Therefore, rely on it at your own risk.
The Link Checker tries to detect malicious code within the file.