Adding a network printer on Windows 10

How to add a company network printer to a Windows 10 computer 
1. Go to Search -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers
2. Click on Add a Printer to bring up the following Wizard:
3. Click on 'Add a Network, wireless or Bluetooth printer"
4. Windows will then search the business network for printers that have not been installed on your computer. When Windows has found the printer, double click on the appropriate printer for installation.
5. Click Next, and Windows will install the printer using the software drivers that are on the server.
6. Click Next. The printer has been successfully installed.
7. You may elect to print a test page, otherwise click finish to end the wizard
1. Make sure the Printer isn't already installed - check in Control Panel -> Devices and Printers to make sure the required printer isn't listed among all the devices
2. If it is missing, click on The Printer I want was not listed
3. Click on Browse to manually browse the network. Windows will then bring up a list of the computers and devices on the network. If the printer is attached and shared on a particular computer, click on that computer to list it's shared folders and devices.
4. Once you have connected with the relevant computer, click on the printer you want to install. NOTE: if the printer is still not appearing on the list of shared folders and devices, you will need to make sure that you have shared the printer with the network.
5. If the printer is found, double click on it to install on your computer. Repeat steps 5-7 in the main article to finish the installation.