How to Open the TeamViewer Remote Access Tool

Netech has 3 tools for remote access to help solve your issues:

  • ConnectWise
  • TeamViewer
  • Quick Assist

This article will describe the operation of TeamViewer.

When directed go to the Netech web site. You can either go there directly from the link below:

Or open your Google search website and type in:


You must end up on our website.

Please note which browser you are using to get to the website as instructions for each are different.

A browser is the program you use to access the Internet and go to websites. It will be one of the 3 main ones listed below:

   The multi-coloured circle you see in the bottom taskbar is Google Chrome

  The blue / green semi-circle is Microsoft Edge

  The orange symbol means you are using Mozilla Firefox


At the top of the website in the menu section you will see the “TeamV” menu button to click on.

Click on TeamV and you will be directed to the Netech TeamViewer website where you will be prompted to download the TeamViewer QuickAssist program.

This is when the download of the program will occur and is different for each browser.


Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, a file download box will appear at the bottom left of the Chrome window as shown below:

Once downloaded you will click on the TeamViewer.exe.exe to open the program.


Microsoft Edge

If you are using Microsoft Edge, a file download box will appear at the top right of the Edge window as shown below:

Click Open and the program will open when downloaded. If the above box does not show then there is a down-arrow on the address bar of the browser.


If you are using Firefox a box will appear asking you to Save the file. Click on Save. The download will begin and at the top right of the Firefox window a down-arrow will appear when the file is complete.

Click on the download arrow and the following will appear:

Click on the words “TeamViewer.exe” and the program will open.


When running the program Windows may ask you to allow the program to make changes to your computer, just click Yes.